2 Album Kickstarter Campaign!


There's a time for the road, and a time for recording… 

If you've kept up with me here on social media, you know I've had a busy 2017 so far. I began the year with a 14-show tour with The Black Jacket Symphony. Then in March, a new project called The Ultimate Queen Celebration began, which is picking up steam, and will put me back on the road later this year with more upcoming shows. I’ve also been kept very busy with various side projects doing vocals for theme songs, commercials, video games - you name it. Not to mention, some great weekend outings with The Downtown Band. Lots going on! 

But touring and performing is only half of what I do. I love recording and creating music and videos as much as I enjoy playing live, and it's an essential part of my life as a musician.  

Ever since I first heard about crowd funding, I've been intrigued by how it could help me accomplish what I’m passionate about. In the old days, my record label would front the costs of making albums. These budgets ran anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000+. Basically, there were huge amounts of debt to be paid back to the label through record sales before anyone saw any profit. I'll let you in on a little secret: only 1 or 2 of the dozen albums I've made in my life have earned back what it cost to make them. And that is typical of most artists! I know. CRAZY. Something you may not know about me is I detest the idea of debt. My wife, Crystal, and I live by the simple rule of not buying things we can't afford. And since we made the decision last year with my management to remain completely indie, crowd funding has become my new lifeline to getting new music out to you.  

That’s where my Kickstarter campaign, launching today, comes in. For those who don’t know, Kickstarter.com is a website that enables creatives, artists, inventors, etc., to raise the money necessary to create and manufacture their product at the level of excellence they dream about. The way Kickstarter does this is by essentially allowing you to purchase ahead of time (or pledge) different packages that I’m offering, so that by the time I’m done recording, the album is already paid for. And that is HUGE!  

This summer, I am recording two EPs. One is a collection of cover songs that are meaningful to me. Many of you have been asking for this for nearly 2 years, so I’m very excited to finally set aside the time needed to do it. The second is a Christmas EP, to follow up on the success of last year’s The Silent Night EP. We had some unexpected success at radio with “What Child Is This? featuring Ron Block” last Christmas, so we think it makes a lot of sense to do more Christmas music… which I love. Win-win! 

In supporting me in this project, not only do you make it possible for me to hire super-talented people to create the music with me, but you also get to come along for the ride. I'll be giving you regular updates along the way; sneak peaks into how the music is coming together. It really is fun to see behind-the-scenes into how music takes form. It is to me, anyway! I'll introduce you my producer(s), some of the instrumentalists, and show you footage from the vocal booth, the studio control room, etc. I may even throw in some recommendations on where to eat in Nashville on a studio lunch break. Who knows! 

Ok, so here’s the ask. After carefully creating a budget, we’ve decided that $20,000 is the perfect amount to create these two albums. That may sound like a suspiciously round number, so here’s a quick breakdown of where the money goes: 

• paying the producers - $12,000 
• paying additional instrumentalists - $2000 
• mixing and mastering - $2000 
• CD manufacturing - $2000 
• artwork and video creation - $1500 
• promotion and advertising - $500 

As you can see, recording music and getting it out to people is not cheap. But I really believe that together, we can do this.  

Through this 35-day campaign, you will will be giving me the freedom to put aside the time required to dive into the creative process over the next two months and put out some really great music on the other side of it. It will also give my team the tools needed to pull together the all-important logistics of making people aware of the new music.  

But maybe most of all, I cannot wait to get back into the booth and sing my guts out like never before. I've grown so much as a singer over the last couple years, and I'm excited to try some new vocal sounds and styles on a few choice covers, and of course more Christmas music. 

Please join me in making this music by pledging to my campaign today. Check out my Kickstarter page here. Have a look at the packages I’m offering, and pick the one you want! 

Thank you so much for your ongoing support and belief in what I do. See you in the studio! 


To help me make these two albums please click the link below! 


  • Nechole Vucak

    Nechole Vucak Utah

    Please please come to Salt Lake City Utah we would love to see your shows and the Queen Extravaganza show!!!!

    Please please come to Salt Lake City Utah we would love to see your shows and the Queen Extravaganza show!!!!

  • Darrylin Eastham

    Darrylin Eastham Washington

    PLEASE come to the Pacific NW; Seattle or Portland!!

    PLEASE come to the Pacific NW; Seattle or Portland!!

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